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Guild Update: Summer break

Our small Elder Scrolls Online guild will take a summer break from the end of june to the end of august. By that, we mean that none of the recurring events (leveling DC characters together, exploring Cyrodiil, the monthly guild… Continue Reading →

Dual Wielding LFG edition: fostering communities

Dual Wielding: LFG Edition— sometimes a topic is just too big for a couple of bloggers on their own. That’s when we send out the call, and see who steps up to help us with the challenge. This week, in… Continue Reading →

Guild Update: activity and recruitment need to go up, more continuity on guild nights

Yesterday evening saw the first login to Elder Scrolls Online, or any MMO, for that matter, since we’ve returned from China. Zharyon That’s the name of our guild- yesterday, a commenter here made the connection between this blog and that… Continue Reading →

Are EVE online players bad people?

It’s always the same. Some EVE story breaks and three things happen:

1. reading about EVE is great
2. i think about diving in again
3. commenters call eve players bad people
Case in point: Massively Overpowered’s really great post about the current war in EVE.

Goals for April in Gaming and Meta

Hey, if it works for others, it might be helpful to me, as well. Unfortunately, i’m still recovering a bit from jetlag, so i haven’t played anything since our return from China. I can’t remember jetlag being so bad in… Continue Reading →

Why i love reading your MMO blog

Are bloggers’ opinions worth more than the “normal” gamer opinion? Are we full of ourselves? Some comments in Massively Overpowered’s “Global Chat” column suggest that. After a bit of a detour i share why i love reading your MMORPG blog. And in the end, i finally publish the Blogroll of this site- not sure if it’ll stay this way, but for now, this is what i’d like to use.

Growing a small social guild

Is it possible to create one of those tight-knit, 10+ years small social guilds in today’s MMORPG environment? And if it is, what are ways to achieve that goal? A few thoughts on that subject.

Dual Wielding: On Negativity

Dual Wielding: A series featuring two bloggers writing on one topic and answering the question, “If the pen is mightier than the sword, what happens when you dual wield?”

This week, we’ll take a look at Negativity in the MMORPG community.

/Saved – week 6-2016

See what posts i really liked this week. There’s a bit about Blade&Soul, The Secret World, Guild Management and a new podcast i found.

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