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Plans for august

In august, i’ll slowly phase out the summer break i’m on since the end of june. In real life, we moved houses, but by now we’ve almost settled in. Of course, there’s still stuff to do, but there’s no need… Continue Reading →

Gaming goals for may

First one: make this post about quantifiable goals and more bullet-pointy than the last one. Elder Scrolls Online Reviewing april’s goals level my main to 30 – done. She’s 35 right now craft an armor/weapon set – still to do… Continue Reading →

EVE: drowning in space

My everchanging priorities, goals and ways to achieve those goals in EVE are testament to the complexity of the game in question. As you can imagine, i’m still trying to figure it all out. Mining attempt Yesterday i decided to… Continue Reading →

Monday Quick Notes: ESO, EVE and the guild

Elder Scrolls Online Last week saw me seriously returning to The Elder Scrolls Online in a normal manner- by that i mean questing through Greenshade instead of just doing random things on guild night. And it pulled me right back… Continue Reading →

Guild Update: activity and recruitment need to go up, more continuity on guild nights

Yesterday evening saw the first login to Elder Scrolls Online, or any MMO, for that matter, since we’ve returned from China. Zharyon That’s the name of our guild- yesterday, a commenter here made the connection between this blog and that… Continue Reading →

Goals for April in Gaming and Meta

Hey, if it works for others, it might be helpful to me, as well. Unfortunately, i’m still recovering a bit from jetlag, so i haven’t played anything since our return from China. I can’t remember jetlag being so bad in… Continue Reading →

Quick Notes: Hew’s Bane, EQ Next & Wildstar

I went into Hew’s Bane and started playing the Thieves Guild DLC with some guildies. I also talk a bit about EQ Next, the layoffs at Carbine, The Division, Black Desert and travel to china next week.

A quiet week

This week should have been big- really big. The Elder Scrolls’ Thieves Guild DLC launched, The Division launched and it is only week 2 of Black Desert Online. So there were three games i really like that needed my attention. And then…i decided to let it all pass me by.

Monday quick notes: what does a Black Desert look like, anyway?

Well, i was sick again. That’s why my Friday Quick Notes are Monday Quick Notes this week. But actually, i like it this way- i think i’ll keep it- monday is a good day to take a look at the previous week and set some goals for the next one. Today, i share a few first impressions on Black Desert Online, what i did in ESO last week and at the Batmobile in Rocket League.

Growing a small social guild

Is it possible to create one of those tight-knit, 10+ years small social guilds in today’s MMORPG environment? And if it is, what are ways to achieve that goal? A few thoughts on that subject.

Why i am excited for Thieves Guild

Stealth is not something i like a lot when playing games- i usually don’t roll rogue-type characters and even in other genres (FPS), i don’t like the stealthy ones. Since the justice system went live in Elder Scrolls Online, i haven’t stolen anything, mainly because i don’t really understand the risk i’d take and the system behind it in general. Of all zone types, the desert is one of the least interesting environments to me, topped only by “lava” zones. Still, as time moves on, i find myself increasingly excited for the Thieves Guild DLC that’ll come to ESO in march.

/Saved – week 6-2016

See what posts i really liked this week. There’s a bit about Blade&Soul, The Secret World, Guild Management and a new podcast i found.

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