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An EVEning in space

Oh boy. Yesterday i decided to split the evening in two- first, i wanted to take a look at EVE- for more reasons than the simple fact that there’s a war brewing and i have 10 days of subscription time… Continue Reading →

Are EVE online players bad people?

It’s always the same. Some EVE story breaks and three things happen:

1. reading about EVE is great
2. i think about diving in again
3. commenters call eve players bad people
Case in point: Massively Overpowered’s really great post about the current war in EVE.

Does it have to be a sandbox?

Is Black Desert Online a Sandbox? Does it even have to be one to keep the promises we project into that term? While i am not sure if BDO could be labelled as a Sandbox, i think it offers many of the features we expect from this artificially created subgenre. In the end, i think the classification of MMORPGs into “Themepark” or “Sandbox” territory is a red herring.

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