Travel Log: China (overview)

Yesterday we’ve returned from our annual trip to China. This year was good for a lot of reasons: everybody was doing quite ok, nobody was in hospital and we have actually done some interesting things like seeing a “Venice-like” village, visiting a bamboo forest, taking a boat trip on the West Lake, Hangzhou and went to Shanghai for a night. The downsides were the air quality- Hangzhou is preparing for the G20 summit that happens in september and i think they’re quite literally rebuilding the whole city for that event, so there were a lot- and i do mean a lot- construction sites that, aided the usual traffic chaos in terms of dusty air. But that was all, really- everything else was great.

In fact, it was so interesting that i decided to do more than one post on the subject- but i wanted to get something quick out while recovering from the jetlag. As an appetizer, here are a few pictures i took while being in China. I’ll get to everything in more detail soon ™.

2 thoughts on “Travel Log: China (overview)

    1. Mersault

      Thanks for your kind words- i’m not really a good photographer, the best i can hope for is that the shots are somewhat interesting and to offer a “normal” view on things as i saw them. This is one thing i really like about our travels to China- they’re family visits, after all, so i’m lucky to be able to see things over there from a very basic position compared to what tourists or expats experience. I do try to catch that spirit with my photos, too.

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