Travel log: Orsinium sights

Tonight, our guild group has been to Wrothgar, again. I have to say, i love how we can simply set off out of the city and go exploring. We tried to follow quests, but were soon distracted by stuff we saw in the landscape- and also, because Edu is one difficult boss to kill.

On our travels we saw a museum, fought and were killed by Edu, maybe a Goblin boss, i don’t know, because we didn’t see him for all the ogres he sent our way, an arena where Orc clans settled their war, a giant statue of Malacath and Coldperch Cavern, a delve in Wrothgar. And also, a lot of beautiful sights.

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A New home

So i did it. After thinking about it for a week, i decided to move away from the easy life on and into the big bad web itself. I have to say it feels good, although i still have no idea what to do with the old blog at Do i move the content over here- as in importing it here, deleting it there? Do i simply copy it? Or should i go with a fresh start here? I haven’t decided yet. For now, i’ll go with the clean slate- the import functionality doesn’t work in the moment, anyway. It might, tomorrow, but we’ll see. I won’t transfer the blog manually- either it will be a thing of an hour or two or i’ll be fine anyway. Keeping the posts there would be good for externals, i guess- although there aren’t that many inbound links, anyway.

Now the figuring-out part really begins: what to do here and how to do it? I’ll work it out on the go. The only thing i can really tell is: this time, it’s personal. No, i don’t want to tell you how my son behaved when i told him to brush his teeth this morning (he ran away), but i don’t want to simply focus on the MMORPG stuff. I mean, quite often, really, you’ll find that a person who likes x might also like y…that’s the way Amazon’s recommendations work. So chances are we’ll find more common ground than MMORPGs.

So let’s see how this works out. It feels good, anyway, because right now, it’s not too hard to decide what to do with the old content. The longer i would have stayed on the platform, the more difficult it would be to leave it behind (or transfer the content, whatever it will be).